A fancy Canadian illustrator_Isabelle Arsenault

This is her website:


The first time i saw her book is you belong here in Shakespeare and Company, this book  shown Sweet consolation for the lifelong alienation that afflicts each of us at different times and in different measures.

There is hardly a more elemental human need than our need for belonging — in a place, in a heart, in ourselves. Perhaps this is why we are so susceptible to that particular kind of loneliness that begins in childhood, as we try to master the “fertile solitude”necessary for self-esteem, and can so often morph into a kind of existential homelessness as we grow older and slip into continually narrowing landscapes of possibility. “You only are free when you realize you belong no place — you belong every place,” Maya Angelou told Bill Moyers in their fantastic 1973 conversation about freedom.

The illustrations from the book:

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